ICTM Academy

Basic Seminar EDM and ECM

The significance of electrical discharge and electro-chemical machining processes for turbomachinery components has continuously increased during the last years. In particular for manufacturing of discs and blades, these machining processes can be an efficient alternative to the conventional machining processes. Due to the higher flexibility of the used machines a more economic solution for the manufacturing of turbomachinery components can be yielded.

This seminar provides a broad training for users of EDM and ECM technologies as well as basic knowledge for both processes, tools, dielectrica, electrolytes, sensors and metrology for a better understanding in practice. The topics are additionally presented by means of hands-on training and practical demonstrations at WZL shop floor.


September 13-14, 2022


The participation fee is € 995 (€ 895 for ICTM-Industry Partners) and is tax-free in Germany (§4 UStG). It includes seminar documents, lunch and refreshments. For written cancellation € 100 will be charged for administrative expenses.


WZL of RWTH Aachen


German (English on demand)


Please use our online registration on www.basisseminare.de