6th ICTM Conference

February 16–17, 2022 | digital

Achieving greater sustainability during operation as well as in production is the most important goal for developments in aviation and the market for stationary turbomachinery to stay competitive also in future. Both evolutionary and revolutionary concepts are necessary to achieve the given objectives of saving resources and avoiding emissions.

Dealing with the impacts of the corona crisis, climate change, and digitalization on industry and society is one of the key questions for manufacturers of engines and stationary turbomachinery as well as for the suppliers. Companies therefore need new approaches along the entire lifecycle to meet future challenges in manufacturing and repair.

Comprehensive Program

At the ICTM Conference, top-class keynote speakers will provide insights, discuss upcoming challenges and provide an outlook for the following years. Further experts from industry and research will focus for example on how digitized manufacturing environments and innovative process designs (for conventional machining as well as additive manufacturing) can lead to improvements in quality and efficiency taking into account technological, economic and ecologic boundary conditions.

In 2022, the sessions of the two-day conference focus on:

  • Keynotes on future of aviation and stationary turbomachinery manufacturing
  • Digitization
  • Advanced machining
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Materials & process qualification

Take a look at the comprehensive program

NetZero manufacturing in turbomachinery becomes an essential element of future products for power plant solutions. It becomes an integral part of a company’s NetZero strategy and focuses on environmental compliance of future products throughout its entire life cycle.

Dr. Gregor Kappmeyer
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG


Digitalization offers new opportunities for better and more sustainable value creation in production. One of the major challenges is to make the benefits of these technologies accessible to its users and to spread them, so that the greatest possible scaling effect for more competitiveness is created.

Michael Kirbach

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Digital Live Presentations

During a digital tour of the facilities at Fraunhofer IPT and ILT, we will provide the opportunity to see some of the newest developments in Aachen.

Target groups

  • Specialists and managers of turbomachine manufacturers, aeronautics and power generation, machine tool and equipment suppliers
  • Design and manufacturing engineers
  • Stakeholders for laser and machining technologies


The registration fee for the ICTM Conference 2022 is 480 euros (free of tax under § 4 UStG) per person. This includes the digital conference participation and the conference proceedings.

Early Bird

If you register by January 23, 2022 you will receive an early bird discount of 100 euros.

Registration deadline

Please register by February 11, 2022 at the latest.


In case of cancellation before January 26, 2022 the fee will be refunded less 100 euros handling charges. Otherwise the full fee will be charged and we will send the proceedings to you or welcome a substitute participant instead.


Lectures are presented in English.