Collaborative R&D 2017

Main focus of the ICTM Partner Community are Collaborative R&D Projects. Based on the fixed annual contributions of each of the ICTM Industry Partners a set of Collaborative R&D Projects is conducted. These projects allow high synergies and significant benefits of cooperation in particular for pre-competitive issues.

All of the Collaborative R&D Projects are defined and conducted on an annual base integrating all partners to input their particular demands and participate in the results. The Collaborative R&D Projects are selected by the ICTM Partner Community on the Annual R&D Meeting.

For 2017 the following projects will be conducted:

Advanced Machining


Further Investigations on Process Chains for Blisk Manufacturing

"Which potential can be achieved in identified process chains for blisk-manufacturing (nickel-based alloys)?"


Improve machining of γ-TiAl

"How can the machining processes of Titanium aluminides be improved?"


CMC Machining

"What are the most suitable technologies and applicable parameters to trim SiC/SiC?"


Characterization of Regrinded Cutting Tools

"To what extent does the cutting tool performance decrease within the tool life cycle when milling nickel-based alloys?"

Additive Manufacturing


Wire-based LMD for Repair and AM Applications

"Is a coaxial wire feeding LMD head suited for repair and AM applications?"


3D AM with LMD – Robot-based vs. Cartesian Machine

"What are the limits for 3D-AM with LMD when using a robot-based or cartesian machine system?"


Influence of Powder Properties

"What are key powder properties
influencing part quality in SLM?"


Quality and Design Possibilities for typical Features in Turbomachinery Parts

"What is the best way to manufacture e.g. thin walled blades with internal cooling features?"


Capabilities of X-Ray CT for NDT of SLM Parts

"What are the capabilities of X-Ray CT for defect detection in 'standard' AM Parts?"

Industrie 4.0


Process Data Acquisition and Cloud-based Management

"How to acquire process data and manage it in a decentralized system?"