Collaborative R&D 2018

Based on the fixed annual contributions of each of the ICTM Industry Partners a set of Collaborative R&D Projects is conducted. These projects allow high synergies and significant benefits of cooperation in particular for pre-competitive issues. All of the Collaborative R&D Projects are defined and conducted on an annual base integrating all partners to input their particular demands and participate in the results. Within the projects specific technology improvement for individual manufacturing processes as well as comprehensive improvement of the entire manufacturing chain also with regard to Digitalization is addressed. The Collaborative R&D Projects are selected by the ICTM Partner Community on the Annual R&D Meeting based on the developed ICTM Roadmap for collaborative R&D.

This roadmap covers a mid-term range and will be extended continuously to derive an annual set of collaborative R&D projects each year. As it is proprietary information to the ICTM, it cannot be disclosed to public in detail.

To complement the annual selection of collaborative R&D projects according to its roadmap the ICTM continuously screens funding opportunities that allow to address strategic topics, which could not be included because of limited collaborative annual budget. To stay independent and without constraints result of the internationality of the Partner Community, the ICTM is able to set-up sub-consortia in addition to the Partner Community with regards to particular funding projects.

Based on the ICTM Roadmap the following projects will be conducted in 2018:

Advanced Machining


Alternative Machining Processes for Disk Roughing

"Which machining strategy is the most suitable for roughing profiled grooves in turbine disks?"


Benchmarking of Tool-Coatings

"What is the most suitable coating available on the market for machining of nickel-based alloy?"


Fast and Flexible Finish Milling of Blades by Using Barrel-Tools

"What is today’s status regarding tool technology and CAM-programming of barrel tools?"


Passive Vibration Elimination – High Damping Materials in Tool Systems

"How can novel high-damping materials be used in tool holder system to reduce vibrations in milling?"


Enhanced Approaches in Disk and BliskTurning

"How to enhance the productivity and tool life in turning super alloys by new technologies?"

Additive Manufacturing


Wire vs. Powder in LMD

"What are the properties of wire and powder based LMD deposited IN718 samples?"


Qualification Guidelines for LMD – LMD Procedure Specification

"How is a WPS for LMD supposed to be designed in order to reproduce products with standard quality?"


Processing IN718 by Low-Cost SLM Machine

"Which material properties are achievable when LC-SLM system is used for processing IN718?"


Using Coarser Powder for SLM

"How does the use of coarser powder in SLM influence the component and material properties?"


Precautions when Handling and Storing Metal Powders

"How can powder be handled along the AM process chain in a responsible yet efficient way?"

Industrie 4.0


Potentials of Model Based Data Analytics in Blade Milling

"What are current possibilities and limits of model based data analytics in blade milling?"


Artificial Intelligence

"How can AI technologies be used effectively to optimize processes in turbomachinery?"