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Process and Condition Monitoring for Manufacturing of Turbomachines

Modern machine tools are subject to increasing requirements for productivity and economy. At the same time, high-tech branches like turbomachinery manufacturing require ever increasing product qualities. For solving these contrary objectives, machine tools constantly need to be operated at the best possible rate.

Monitoring of the production process can be applied for optimal use of tools according to their lifetime, use of stop times and to prevent scrap parts. Additionally, manufacturing induced damages of the parts can be detected and appropriate measures are taken upfront. This is of significant meaning, particularly for the production of safety critical parts on turbomachinery manufacturing. The objective of the seminar is to provide an insight into actual process and condition monitoring.

An overview of actual process monitoring and machine condition monitoring solutions and technologies is presented. Topics include future concepts of monitoring and control and specific challenges for turbomachinery manufacturing. The topics are presented by experts from science and industry.


The date has yet to be announced.


Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT




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