Leading-edge technologies in Aachen

Press Release / 14.4.2011

Aachen-based Fraunhofer institutes bring together international experts in the manufacture and repair of turbomachinery.

With the first International Conference on Turbomachinery Manufacturing – ICTM the Fraunhofer Institutes for Laser Technology ILT and Production Technology IPT in Aachen have created a platform to promote the exchange of knowledge about new manufacturing technologies for turbomachinery.

Almost 200 participants from 11 nations listened with great interest to the presentations of 19 experts from the power generation and aircraft propulsion sectors. The main objective of the conference was to further stimulate the alignment of production trends and product development.

The live demonstrations at the two Fraunhofer Institutes were a special highlight. Using examples from repair and manufacture, the research scientists in Aachen impressively demonstrated how they implement technological innovations and combine them to seamless process chains for industrial use.

The direct relevance of the conference for all the branches of industry involved was also reflected in the accompanying industrial exhibition. Eleven prominent companies showcased their products and services in the turbomachinery sector.

Positive feedback of the participants encouraged the institutes to repeat the event at regular intervals in Aachen, and the next ICTM will be held in early 2013.

Further information about the conference is available at: www.ictm-aachen.com