ICTM Collaborative R&D 2021

Extreme High-Speed LMD Processes for Additive Manufacturing (EHLA 3D)

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How can EHLA 3D improve near-net shape deposition over LMD while increasing build rates?


Challenge and Motivation

  • Extreme High-Speed LMD (EHLA) is established in coating applications.
  • Novel high-speed tripod kinematic system available at Fraunhofer ILT (for feed rates up to 100 m/min)
  • Proof-of-concept for defect-free EHLA 3D build up with iron-base and Nickel-base materials successful.


  • Evaluation of EHLA 3D for future application in turbomachinery and as a basis for follow-up projects such as tip repair studies.
  • Demonstration of potential benefits of the technology over conventional LMD.