Seminar  /  January 01, 2018  -  December 31, 2018

Data Analytics for Production

Data Analytics as an addition to existing classical quality management methods is slowly becoming a new central tool for the analysis and optimization of production processes. Already today, data are collected in huge amounts in production, but cannot be used to their full potential due to non-standardized format and systems as well as lack of the right tools.

This seminar provides an introduction to the basics of data-based optimization of processes in production by the use of data analytics. Based on simple, real-life use-cases, these basics are taught and discussed with the participants. Tools and methods are demonstrated and evaluated with respect to their usefulness and applicability in real production environments. Participants are expected to apply these basics and derive improvements in real-life application cases using software as well as methods. The seminar is mentored by certified data scientists to ensure the maximum transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge.